Eileen Franko has been teaching group exercise classes for the past twenty- five years.

Her mantra is that the “F” in fitness should stand for “FUN.”

Eileen instructs a wide variety of classes and always continues to keep apprised of new exercises and teaching techniques. She is well-known as she has been an instructor in a wide variety of health clubs and continuing education programs around the capital district.

Her classes are great workouts for any level of exerciser, while continuing to keep the atmosphere uplifting and supportive. Individual attention is provided so each person uses correct form. Her goal is to make sure every person who leaves a class feels like they were successful and wants to come back.

After all, exercise is something you “choose” to do, it should be something you look forward to each week. Eileen’s goal is to keep it that way. She is a certified group exerciser instructor and certified in CPR with a Master’s Degree in Health Education and a Doctorate in Public Health.

Eileen resides in Latham with her husband and has two adult children.